The I’m Fit & Happy Story

Adam & Kelly WestonCofounders Adam and Kelly Weston created I’m Fit & Happy, a Home Workout Program, as a way to share their passion and inspire others to live a similar life of love, positivity, and energy. I’m Fit & Happy allows them to work together as partners, building and creating something meaningful that can make a positive impact on many lives. They are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to do what they love and feel passionate about while also bringing their individual areas of expertise to their partnership.

Their journey towards I’m Fit and Happy began long before they even realized. The couple’s instant connection and shared interests in health and fitness created a strong and meaningful bond from the very beginning. Four years later, the happily married couple settled into their life as Mr. and Mrs. Weston. Kelly worked long, yet fulfilling days as a top LA personal trainer, while Adam advanced his web and graphic design company. Despite their busy schedules, the couple made time to pursue their shared interests in food, fitness, travel, and mindfulness. With each new project they took on, Adam and Kelly enriched their lives as they learned from each other and their experiences together.

A love for wine turned into the creation of Adam & Kelly Weston Dancinga DIY wine cellar. The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Transformation challenge became a mutually enlightening experience. The joy of cooking was the seed for a homegrown organic vegetable garden. An extensive course on the Primal Blueprint, became the foundation of Kelly’s Nutritional Tips and Adam’s creative and original Paleo/ Primal recipes. Kelly’s expertise in fitness and training and Adam’s expertise in web and production, along with their side projects, have become the foundation for I’m Fit & Happy.

The creation of I’m Fit & Happy was a truly organic one. By combining their interests and already developed skills, they have created a comprehensive program that inspires others to lead similar healthy, fit, happy lives. With I’m Fit & Happy, Kelly teaches and trains clients across the nation with her series of highly effective workout videos that change on a monthly basis to keep things fresh and interesting. She encourages her members to try the healthy recipes and participate in the monthly challenges. Whether you are on-the-go or stuck at home, Kelly is in your back pocket, keeping you on track to your goal using a unique Fitness Journaling system.

Using produce from their own backyard, Adam gets creative in the kitchen and shares their original recipes with you and challenges you with a new perspective on wholesome eating. As they continue on their own Fit and Happy journey, Kelly and Adam are ready to help you achieve a similar life of balance.Adam & Kelly Weston

I’m Fit & Happy is a place for new beginnings and a motivational tool to help kick start your journey to better health and fitness. With her customized monthly series of 5 and 10 minute workout videos available to you anytime and anywhere as often as you’d like. Anyone with any budget and any schedule can find success…especially with Kelly’s positive attitude and encouraging way of motivating you to stay on track.

This online personal training program is built to improve your sense of self, emotionally and physically. You will discover strength in each challenge and joy with every victory. Join Kelly and Adam on their journey with their home workout program, and together you can say “I’m Fit & Happy.”